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2017 Birth Year & Younger

Las Vegas Sports Academy Juniors Program focuses on the introductory stages of youth recreational soccer. Age groups begin at U5 and run up through U10. LVSA develops young players through a positive fun environment. It is imperative at these initial introductions into soccer that our young players are in an environment that is conducive to their growth not only as soccer competitors but also as young girls and boys. 

LVSA is focused and determined to provide a fun introduction to the sport of soccer stressing the basic technical skills of dribbling, passing, receiving, tackling, heading and goalkeeping (when age appropriate) as well as ensuring that every player learns every position. It is this basic foundation that all players build upon in their quest to become more skilled players and is necessary to provide each player a canvas for which they develop their own unique athletic artistry and long-term enjoyment of the sport of soccer. In addition to laying a good technical foundation for players LVSA strives to ensure that young players are learning good sportsmanship habits. Sportsmanship idealizes the qualities that are successful to a team environment that any and all individuals take with them as they grow to be better prepared for soccer and life. 



U7 -U5(2017, 2018, 2019) PLAYER REGISTRATION

2023/24 Registration Fee:  $225*

Monthly Training/Coaching Fee:  $80** per month x 11months, Starting July 1, 2022

*Players registering to play with LVSA for the 2023/24 Season, prior to June 15, 2023 will received their Custom Adidas Warm-Up Kit & Practice Kit for FREE!

**Break-down of the $80 monthly club dues...
$55 of the collected $80 per month, goes directly to the team coach for compensation for team trainings, games and all other coaching duties.  The remaining $25 per month, goes directly to field cost, lighting cost, insurance, administration staff,  and all expenses associated with the day-to-day operations of the Club.


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