JUGGLING is a very important part of any player's development.

Benefits of learning to juggle:

-Balance, eye/foot coordination, core strength.

-Touch and ball familiarity.

-Concentration, confidence, and style.


Players U10 and younger:  May start with the ball in their hands, but first touch must be with the foot.  All touches with the feet and thighs count towards overall score.  Once the ball hits the ground, the score returns to zero.

Players U11 and Older:  May only start the ball from the ground with their feet and can only count touches from feet and thighs. Headers can be used for a control factor but can not be counted within the overall score. Once the ball hits the ground, the score returns to zero.

Honor System:  Players do not need an adult to count or be present. Each player is responsible for accurately counting their touches on the ball. LVSA/LVPSA Directors will handle any discrepancies or disputes.

Reporting: Once reaching a level of achievement, simply send an email including the players name, team, and score to info@lv-sa.com  Scores will be submitted to the players’ coach for confirmation that the player possesses the ability to achieve the score.

Score Posting: Once the score is confirmed, the player and their score will be posted at our website for age group and overall leaders. Club leader will be identified with their picture and juggling score!



10- Lil Ballers

20- Amateur

40- Rookie

80- Academy

150- Premier

300- Elite

500- Pro

1000- Master